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DesignMarch 2015 | OVERLAP

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Three designers from different genres come together to transform Sundhöll Reykjavíkur into a source of creativity and joy. Enchanting tones will flow together with visual experiences and a journey of playfully light weightlessness

DesignMarch 2015 | Kraum

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Design store Kraum hosts several exhibitions during DesignMarch. Anita Hirlekar is an Icelandic fashion textile designer. Her collection consists of 8 unique looks that have a strong sense of individuality. All the textiles are handmade by Anita, and embroidered with various threads, using wool, cotton, and acrylic combined with shiny… Read more

DesignMarch 2015 |Petit Volcans

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The French/ Islandic design team IIIF has joined hands with the international glass blowing center CIAV in Meisenthal, France and made a glass product collection inspired by the fierce natural phenomenon common in Iceland, or volcanos

DesignMarch 2015 | Lunchbreak

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Our guests had the opportunity to experience lunch served on the boat anchored next to Harpa.

DesignMarch 2015 | DesignTalks

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Our day of DesignTalks on the theme of Play Away featured leading international designers and design thinkers Marti Guixé, Anthony Dunne, Walter Van Beirendonck, Julien de Smedt, Jessica Walsh

DesignMarch 2015 | Paper Collective


Paper Collective opens a pop-up exhibition at NORR11. Paper Collective is a Danish company creating graphic prints in collaboration with various artists supporting good causes

DesignMarch 2015 | TUTTU


TUTTU jewellery is created from the hooves of Greenlandic reindeer

DesignMarch 2015 | 1+1+1


The Icelandic design team Hugdetta (Róshilur Jónsdóttir and Snæbjörn Þór Stefánsson), Petra Lilja from Sweden and the Finnish design team Aalto+Aalto join forces in a fun way

DesignMarch 2015 | Möskvar

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The shop Sparkmannsspjarir displays a new light developed from Icelandic herring nets. The light is designed by HAF in collaboration with Icelandic netmakers

DesignMarch 2015 | Entrance to Material

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Two designers are introduced to a new material, approaching the subject through experimentation and play