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DesignMarch 2015 | STAND UP/ STAND OUT

DSC_0417.JPG_effected (1024x683)

Fashion designer Elisabet Karlsdóttir shows her project STAND UP/STAND OUT, supported by Eggert feldskeri (furier)

DesignMarch 2015 | Opposite Type

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Opposite Type is a collaborative exhibition by five Icelandic designers, one Finnish writer, one Icelandic writer and an American illustrator

DesignMarch 2015 | Designs from nowhere

Hönnunar Mars 2015

The winning project of the Icelandic Design Award

DesignMarch 2015 | Ámundi

Hönnunar Mars 2015

Ámundi Sigurðsson has worked on every kind of project imaginable in visual for mediums graphic designers

DesignMarch 2015 | Un peu plus

Hönnunar Mars 2015

Drawings and sketches by fashion designer Helga Björnson

DesignMarch 2015 | Happy Skin

DSC_1457.JPG_effected (1024x683)

Happy skin is a series of drawings Birta Fróðadóttir created for a book of poetry: Happy Skin by Sigurbjörg Þrastadóttir.

DesignMarch 2015 | Infinite String Quartet

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The Infinite String Quartet is an interactive music composition. The listener creates his own version of the music through an intuitive graphic interface on the web by looping and layering recordings of an actual string quartet.

Design March 2015 | Reykjavík that didn´t happen

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The book Reykjavík that didn´t happen was published in 2014. The illustrations from the book show a compeletely different city from what we know.

Design March 2015 | Persona-memories and the complex self

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Laufey Jónsdóttir shows experimental three-dimensional portraits created in mixed media.

Design March 2015 | Þjóðminjasafnið

IMG_7603.JPG_effected (1024x683)

The Post Office shows stamps featuring jewellery by the designers Ástþór Helgason from Orr, Guðbjörg K. Ingvarsdóttir from Aurum, Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir, Helga R. Mogensen.