Well, I had expected that being neither Icelandic or Swedish here I would before too long make a major blunder, what I hadn’t anticipated was that faux pas number one would be with the lovely Icelandic ambassador.


However, after we’d established that he is of course familiar with Icelandic design he had some really insightful words to add to our conversation. I’ll paraphrase, that Iceland has suffered a lot from the financial crisis, but that design appears to be growing in strength, designers are strong people. All good stuff, but here comes the nugget, ” I think Icelandic design has a patience and humility, that will allow it to carry us into the future and we can see this here today”. Patience and Humility, for me he has touched upon something here that many of us feel, but can’t quite describe. Against the bright lights of stands such as Tom Dixon and Moroso at an international design fair, it is refreshing to be faced with design that ensues something more than buzz words, nice materials and a quirky concept.

We absorbed a huge amount of information and inspiration today, I’ve talked to some wonderful and honest people, and captured feelings about the currenet state of design with camera poised. In the morning I’ll start regurgitating! After the Fair, some of the team had the delight of catching the Pecha Kucha mention by Kristin, I dropped by Konstfack and stumbled upon an exhibition of craft and design as part of Design Boost Telefonplan. A poetic reminder that the next generation are doing it for themselves and having their own party – in classic student style!

The team reunited at the Pecha Kucha-after party before dispersing back to computers – hopefully closely followed by flopping into deep deep slumber to rest weary legs and brains before it all begins again tomorrow.