PopTech visited Reykjavik a couple of weeks ago. Good news for those of you that missed it: the first videos have just been published online. Take a look at the superb talk by Tim Harford, for example:

The PopTech website also has good recaps of both conference days – see day 1 here and day 2 here and their beautiful photo gallery here.

The set design was by the Icelandic design studio Hugdetta. To mirror the theme of the conference, “Toward Resilience“, they piled rocks into pillars like the ones you can see all over the island, used as road signs to guide the travellers that were making their way forward in harsh conditions.

And then, there were the balloons. The art pieces by Jason Hackenwerth decorated Harpa during the event – and turned into skirts and hiding places in the end. Both stunning and incredibly fun!

ps. Noise Trade is currently offering a free download of music by Alexi Murdoch and the Bedroom Community, who swept us off our feet with their collaboration at PopTech.

Images Courtesy of PopTech
Photographer Emily Qualey