Yesterday product- and industrial designers opened up their showroom at Laugavegur 91. This building used to be a clothing store so it felt familiar to be in there and I thought the space worked well as a showroom.

Kristrún Hjartar, Vakna Design immediately caught my attention. She showed a part of her product line called Hversdagsleikinn (everyday life), her focus in on function, simplicity and fun, taking everyday subjects and creating a new costume for them.

Faucet Lamp is floor lamp that provides a stream of light and is perfect for using in a darkened room. The light just hits the spot, just where you need it…like on the book you are reading and does so without spreading the light too far. I just love the mixture of a beautiful color and wood, simple and stunning.

The Sawhorse Bench was inspired by the versatility of the workshop sawhorse. It has multiple uses, can be used for sitting on, keeping your bag on while putting on shoes or just whatever you can think of.

Wall Sconce was inspired by the beauty of the support joists that the designer found behind a drywall. This is her interperetation of the plain wood joist as a wall lamp showcasing the beauty of the hidden world behind the walls.

I also saw a light called Styrkur by Anna Þórunn Hauksdóttir that I found interesting. It’s based on the four qualities a good dancer must have: movement, strength, elasticity and to radiate. I think this could also be used a a shelf.

These beautiful necklaces are a part of María Kristín Jóndóttir’s jewlery line called CUT and got 1.prize in the Hedrikka Waage jewlery competition in 2010. The smaller one is for sale in Saga Boutique on board Icelandair planes for 12.900kr, but the bigger one is still just a prototype. I wouldn’t mind having one of these hanging around my neck.

Cutfish is an interesting cutting board designed by Fanney Long and Hrafnkell Birgisson. It’s made from an easily recyclable thermoplastic that is commonly used by the food processing industry. The cutting boards have common North Atlantic fished carved into them. I like the packaging too, simple nice graphics. Between 17-19 today the designers will be serving fish on the Cutfish board on Freyjugata 1, the old fishmongers.