PyroPet by Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval is a family of animal shaped candles that each reveal a surprise within as they burn. Their first product is a cute little kitten Kisa (Icelandic for kitty).

As it burns, the cute kitten shaped candle reveals a devilish metal skeleton from within.

PyroPet Candles Melt into Creepy Metallic Skeletons pets cats candles

 The idea came to Thorunn when she was thinking about the way people use candles.

One day as I watched the chubby body of a jolly Santa Claus shaped candle slowly melt, deform, and perish into a sad pool of wax I wondered if I could elevate this common place ritual sacrifice into a true theatre of the macabre in wax.

She came up with the idea of embedding a metal skeleton within a cat shaped candle. A sinister form, lurking, biding its time, waiting to be revealed.

Cats have always had a split personality. One minute purring contentedly the next hissing and temperamental. While they are cute and huggable they have a dark side associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Kisa was created to capture this duality. Kisa performs a slowly unfolding transformation from cute kitty to brooding skeleton.


Here is a little video about the project:

Thorunn Arnadottir is an Icelandic designer based in Reykjavík, working with clients internationally.
She graduated with MA in Design Products at Royal College of Arts in London 2011. Before that she finished BA in Product Design at Listaháskóli Íslands (Iceland Academy of the Arts) in Reykjavik in 2007. Thorunn has exhibited in galleries all over the world, such as the V&A in London and the Triennale design museum in Milan.

Thorunn was awarded the ‘Best Product’ award in ‘Accent on Design’ at the NY International Gift Fair, for the Sasa Clock, in 2010. In 2013 she was selected as one of the 50 talents that are shaping the future by Icon Magazine.


The Pyropet is currently being funded in Kickstarter, the aim was to reach $40.000 in 28 days, but they have already reached it in only 4 days! Which was way beyond their expectations! But even thought they have reached their funding goal, the Kickstarter campaign is not over, there are still 14 days to go. This just means that their funding to start the production has been secured. So every person that backs the project on Kickstarter is buying one at a pre-sale, at a special discounted price, plus they will receive some nice little extras with it. The creepy little critters will then be shipping to all their backers in February/March. So what are you waiting for? Partake here!


Images by Glamour Et Cetera