The Sagra dei Osei (Festival of the birds) is one of the oldest festivals in Italy. Celebrated since 1274, this year, the visual identity was created by the Italian designer-illustrator Elisa Vendramin along with illustrations by Icelandic illustrator Rán Flygenring.

The festival takes place every year in Sacile. It is a market fair representing the most important bird show in Europe along with diverse family activities, festive events and excellent food.

Vendramin, the art director for the festival’s identity and look, invited Rán to collaborate with her on creating posters for Sagra dei Osei.

“Elisa works mainly with elaborate, delicate and colourful collage and I draw my quirky and sketchy illustrations by hand – combining these two different methods was a challenging but very interesting process. The result being twenty exotic ink songbirds with a touch of fruit” – Rán Flygenring


The Sagra dei Osei Festival takes place next time in Sacile on August 15th, 2015.

Images courtesy of Rán Flygenring