Maulina Schmitt – Mein kaputtes Königreich is a new children’s book by Finn-Ole Heinrich, with adorable illustrations by Rán Flygenring.


Our super intern Florian chatted with Rán about the project. This is what she said about it:

Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt – Mein kaputtes Königreich (roughly translated as The amazing adventure of Maulina Schmitt, My broken Kingdom) is a new book by German author Finn-Ole Heinrich and me (illustrator Rán Flygenring) – our second children’s book together, after German youth-literature award-winner Frerk, du Zwerg from 2011.
The book is the first in a series of three about Paulina Klara Lilith Schmitt and her heroic dealings with adventurous complications like parents divorce, moving, changing schools, lifechanging secrets and fathers biking with unknown ladies.
The book will be published on the 27th of July by Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich. It is all written and drawn in German, but as it is very fun to read, perhaps it would be a good idea concidering using this opportunity to learn German once and for all.

We warmly recommend you to take a moment to see the amazingly cute trailer below. And no worries, if your Deutsch is a little rusty – the illustrations more than make up for it.

Here are a few images of the book:








Images courtesy of Rán Flygenring