Rán Flygenring is a big deal in Reykjavík. She is, after all, the Official Illustrator of Reykjavík. Since her graduation from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2009, she has been covering the city with her hand-drawn perspectives.

This past winter, a book of her official city illustrations was produced by the Association of Icelandic Designers. The book, Balloons over Reykjavík, is a lovely look into the life of the Icelandic people. Illustrations of Harpa, people swimming, children playing, and balloons flying are accompanied by text describing a day in the life. It seems appropriate that this city’s charm cannot be captured by the idealistic photographs seen elsewhere, but rather in a clever series of illustrations. The book can be bought here.

Rán’s original roots may be Norwegian, but her Icelandic pride runs deep and can be felt in diagrams of the All Icelandic Hotdog and cityscapes.



















Rán has also been busy preparing sweet treats for DesignMarch- both in the form of illustrations and candies. Available at KIOSKHönnunarMarsipan is colorful liquorice by Rán and designer Arna Rút Thórleifsdóttir and produced by candy factory Sambó. See more photos of the delicious treat here.

The following illustrations come from first illustrated childrens book, Frerk du Zwerg by Finn-Ole Heinrich, which was published by Bloomsbury Publishers in Berlin and is now available in Germany.

To see more of her illustrations, check out her charming and often humorous blog of worldy images straight from the sketchbook, like the one below.