You all know about Restaurant Day by now, don’t you? Did you partake?

This charming delicacy shop made its debut on Restaurant Day on Sunday. Kleinubarinn sold homemade traditional Icelandic donuts called Kleinur with a twist – topped with handcrafted bean-to-bar local chocolate by Omnom Chocolate and other delicacies. We loved the donut-brie-currant marmalade combo, and overdosed on donuts dipped in white chocolate, garnished with berry powder. Yum, yum!

The Concept of Restaurant Day is simple: It is a food carnival, occurring four times a year, where anyone can set up a restaurant, café or bar for a day. The setting can be any place – leaving only the imagination to set the limit. Read more about how to partake here.

Check out these images captured by one of the pop-up restauranteurs Krista Hall on the day, and be sure not to miss the next Kleinubarinn pop-up event this Saturday August 23 at 2 p.m., also on Vitatorg.







Kleinubarinn opened on Vitatorg, one of the squares that are part of the project Torg i Bidstödu. Run by the city of Reykjavik, through the program, the city has assigned areas that have been sidelined in the planning process to artists and designers to create temporary works, test and play with the current and future of the cityscape. Read more about Torg i Bidstödu here.




Images in courtesy of owner Krista Hall.