Spot a waterfall plunging down Bankastraeti, lava flowing on Hverfisgata and an icecap on Klappastigur!



Photo © Kristinn Magnusson and Gunnar Þór Nilsen

Danish artist and architect Theresa Himmer has spirited the natural wonders of Iceland onto the walls of 101.


Photo © Gunnar Þór Nilsen

The Mountain series is made from mirrored sequins of a type commonly used for billboards or musical theatre façade. Loosely pinned onto their modular frames, the glimmering sights shift in the wind, throwing light in all directions to create surfaces iridescent with a life of their own.


Photo © Theresa Himmer

Mounted between 2006 and 2008, the graffiti and paint layers around the artworks come and go, but Himmer’s beautiful creations keep on shimmering.


Theresa Himmer