In the year 2000 a young Icelandic woman called Hugrún Árnadóttir graduated as a fashion designer from Studio Bercot in Paris. Back in Iceland she met an influential hairstylist, Magni Þorsteinsson, and love was in the air.



The same year they met this dynamic duo started their own business and opened up their first shop Kron, a stylish shoe store, on the main shopping street in Reykjavík. It is known for its quirky size and relaxed atmosphere. It offers a wide selection of designer shoes from European designers, the focus being on stylish and comfortable shoes.



In 2004 Hugrún and Magni took another step and opened another store, Kronkron, which focuses on young and upcoming designers as well as on other leading designers in the fashion world. Since then the store has been constantly developing and establishing new labels.



From the very beginning the couple has put a lot of hard work and love into their business. The atmosphere in the stores is warm and welcoming. Entering them feels like entering a sweets factory filled with goodies, all the colors and beautiful design products are exciting and stimulating for the senses. Both stores aim at a wide range of customers, both men an women of all ages. They are both located on Reykjavík’s main shopping street, Laugavegur.




Psst! Hugrún and Magni also have their own brand, KRONbyKRONKRON. It was launched in 2008 with a very successful shoe collection which was followed by a line of clothing for spring/summer 2010. The designs were noticed from the beginning due to their uniqueness. They have been described as colorful, original, timess and feminine.



Kronkron has a blog, too! Check it out!