Hi there,
Here is a wonderful project to inspired you this lovely Tuesday morning: Harbor Path by architect Massimo Santanicchia, assisted by Mattia Gambardella and Ragnar Már Nikulásson.

It is a rare treat to have an operating fishing harbor right in the centre of the capital, and in recent years, the harbor area has become more and more interesting and alive.

Harpa opened, designers from Steinunn to Sruli Recht to Hafsteinn Juliusson and the computer game giant CCP have opened their studios in the area, dubbing it the Fishpacking District; and there are lots of interesting hotels (such as Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina) and restaurants (take a look at Forréttabarinn and Mar, for example) opening their doors there.

The City of Reykjavik isn’t sitting around either:
A spin-off of their project on meanwhile spaces, Harbor Path is a beautifully simple work by architect Massimo Santanicchia and his team (Mattia Gambardella and Ragnar Már Nikulásson).

–The project aims at connecting the harbor and to revive some of the dead spaces of the harbor, says architect Hildur Gunnlaugsdóttir from the city of Reykjavik.

Using yellow, white and blue quick dry paint also used for marking road surfaces in Iceland, Santanicchia and his team connected the entire harbor area with a 1.4-kilometre-long path that reaches from Harpa to the Grandi.

– Most people, including me, did not realize that it was possible to walk from Harpa along the harbor all the way to Grandagarður. People thought that some of the areas were fences off and inaccessible.

There are some many interesting things already going on by the harbor that people are missing out on seeing today. We felt that a strong graphic connecting path would address the issue, Hildur Gunnlaugsdóttir says.

Images courtesy of Massimo Santanicchia