Hi all,

No plans yet for tomorrow evening?

The final fashion show for Reykjavik Runway 2011 fashion competition will be held in Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhús.

Four labels will be taking part: EYGLO by Eyglo Margret Larusdóttir, Ziska by Harpa Einarsdóttir, Shadow Creatures by Solveig and Edda Gudmundsdóttir and Rosa-Bryndis Design by Rosa Winther Denison and Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir.

Here are a few tasters:





Above Ziska, below Rosa-Bryndis Design and for EYGLO and Shadow Creatures, take a look at these pics from their RFF shows, captured by the good folks at Glamour.


Aside from some hefty prize money, the winner gets a contract with Reykjavik Runway, a fashion PR firm run by powerhouse Ingibjörg Greta Gísladóttir (previously the head of the husmyndahus háskolanna ) since 2010.


Who will you be cheering for?


Images Courtesy of Ziska and Rosa-Bryndis Design