For RFF, Mira and I went to Harpa to catch some impressions backstage before the actual show start. What we found was a bunch of busy and chatting girls getting styled and made up for the show. We could also sneak around and do some pictures of the cloths being presented.

The fashion labels shown are Ella, Milla Snorrason, Birna, Ziska and Rey. The make-up and hair styling is done by MAC. The final show is located in Silverberg in Harpa. We also had a look at the stage design and we really liked the idea of having thick white wool bands hanging down as some kind of organic curtain with movie sequences of urban life and traffic in the background.

Then we had a closer look at the designer cloths and fashion items for winter 2012 in the dressing room:

Milla Snorrason was showing fine silk fabrics and knit wear in pastel colors with delicate patterns as well as two overalls.

Ziska decided to choose black and white as main colors. The fabrics were often decorated with different kinds of paillettes that give the outfits interesting and new structures.

Birna’s winter collection for 2012 shows a mix of material. We see cord, knit, silk and fur in warm brown, orange, gold and reddish colors.

REY set on black for the next winter season, but also here we find a lot of materials mixed up together as for example knit, leather and velvet.

Here some pictures of the warm up at Ella’s. Ella sent you on a long journey next winter. They show their outfits together with oversized travelling bags. The collection has mainly black and beige colored items, loads of warm coats and a very classy feminine line.

Words by Romina Werth
Photography by Mira Mykkänen