You can almost taste the excitement in the air – with today’s opening party, RFF has officially begun!

I popped by the party at Hótel Borg, where ex-Sugarcube, current head of cultural affairs for the city of Reykjavik, Einar Örn Benediktsson gave the real lowdown on Iceland to the foreign press.
– There are plenty of bars in Reykjavik. I suggest turning to left from your hotel door. If you cannot find anything, turn right instead.

Just as things were starting, I headed to the rehearsal and stepped in from the pouring rain straight into a whirlwind buzz of blinding bright show lights, make up, clothing racks, crowds of models and sound checks. What an atmosphere! As electrifying as sticking your finger in a plug socket! (Please don’t do that at home.)

Back at the party, things were swinging into gear, with designers and press playing cat and mouse in the mirror room, Yvan Rodic hunting faces, the models, the trendsetters, the statement pieces, the bright red lips and high hats, all set to a soundtrack provided by the FKNHNDSM Djs.

Just a couple of days after DesignMarch, this was a completely different flavour, in a nation of only 300 000, a big time showcase of the depth to the local creative scene.