As part of our series introducing designers partaking in Reykjavik Fashion Festival, may we introduce Una Hlín Kristjánsdóttir, Head of Design for Andersen & Lauth!

What is your Background?

Former Andersen & Lauth assistant designer and now head of design for Andersen & Lauth. I am also the owner and head of design of the fashion label Royal Extreme.

Describe your collection in a few words?

Feminine, sexy, vibrant, detailed, well cut, handmade, smart.

What do you recommend visitors to Reykjavik should absolutely do?

Walk around town with a good take away coffee.

What changes have you seen in the Icelandic fashion industry since you started?

Getting more professional, many very potential designers.

What are your favorite Icelandic materials to work with?

Wool and fish skin that relate to farmers and fishermen’s heritage.


Interview courtesy of Anna Moiseeva, for RFF

Image courtesy of RFF