It is also the 1st time at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival for ELLA; an Icelandic slow-fashion brand created by Elínrós Líndal and a team of women whose leitmotif is elegance and quality.

ELLA is a modern luxury brand respectful towards the environment and the workers. As they explain every ELLA item is manufactured in limited numbers within our economic zone (Europe) with high emphasis on quality and traceability, considering the impact on workers, communities and ecosystems. It is the opposite of high-speed/low-cost mass production.”

Every garment of this Icelandic label is the result of their pursuit to create the perfect feminine and elegant item capable of empowering women.

The ELLA look

These pictures represent the ELLA look Because ELLA is a very feminine label but with an important twist. ELLA´s suit is made in a factory that specializes in making men suits. By this we give women the opportunity to dress handsomely; with what the industry has been developing for centuries exclusively for men. But with a  womanly twist – which is very often little details and the skirt. We think it´s the perfect combination for the modern career woman.” – Elínrós Líndal.