Hugrún Ánadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson are the designers behind the Icelandic brand KRON by KRONKRON. The extremely creative couple decided to create its own label in 2008. They started with a very successful shoe collection and just two years later the KRON by KRONKRON launched also a ready to wear line.

Known because of their love for color, Hugrún and Magni’s creations add a vibrant color palette into the Icelandic fashion scene.

The designer duo describe their collections as “colorful, original and extremely attentive to details. They aren’t limited by trends or seasons but the spirit of KRON by KRONKRON is timeless and above all feminine. There are no compromises in the KRON by KRONKRON designs. It´s a wonderful mix of all the colors in the world, with amazing details like frills and bows and unusual combination of different materials and textures.”