The visual Idenitity of the currently running Sequences VI Festival was designed by Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson. Here are some words by Arnar on his work for Sequences and his work in general:
The brief was making a visual identity for Sequences VI real time art festival which is a biannual festival and take part in Reykjavik. The festival always choose a new designer to approached all visual material related to each festival, before me it has been done by Borðið, Siggi Eggerts, Goddur and other great designers.
Sequences VI focus on everyday life experiences and time, my aim was to emphasize that. I keep it minimal and tried to avoid all extra shapes and other decorations. But still have it strong and playful with only typography and two colors. and with the digital material I played around with movement to emphasize the time, for example on the website with countdown to the festival.
Doing work like this is great because it’s temporary project so I didn’t have the time to get tired of the rules I made.
I’m is currently located in Reykjavik working as a freelance graphic designer. I graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, class of 2011, I worked at advertising agency and I did a internship at Studio Laucke Siebein in Amsterdam prior to working independently. I’m a member of the research collective Borghildur.
A 2011 graduate (BA) from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Guðmundsson currently works lives and works in Reykjavik. He is also member of Borghildur, a research collective concentrating on matters related to urban living.
Images courtesy of Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson