The fifth yule lad to come to town is called Pottaskefill, pot-licker. To good Icelandic design fans, he brings GrowMe, a self-watering pot for herbs, designed by Embla Vigfúsdóttir.




The lower bowl is filled with water once in a while and the wick conducts the water to the roots of the plant in the soil and keeps it moist but not soaked. The pot is made from ceramic bowls, a balloon and a wick and comes with different types of herb seeds.


In the Icelandic folklore, there is not just one Santa – there are 13! Starting on December 12 through to December 23, they arrive to towns from the mountains, one by one, playing little tricks along the way.


Their names give hints to the mischief they perform: Þvörusleikir (Spoon-licker) and Pottasleikir (Pot-licker) steal food, while Hurðaskellir (Door-slammer) makes noise and Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage-pilfer) nicks sausages.


Each evening, Icelandic children lay a shoe on their window sill. The Yule lads leave a small gift in good children’s shoes – naughty children receive a cold, rotten potato instead.


Every day until 23rd, design gallery Spark design space will play “yule lad”, giving out a different design item as a gift “to the shoe in the window”. To partake, remember to be good and like the gift posts on SPARK design space Facebook page here. We will be posting about each of the items up until Christmas – stay tuned!



Images: Embla Vigfusdóttir