Sigurður Gústafsson is an icelandic Architect, born in Akureyri and graduated in Oslo. He works in collaboration with Källemo AB and has his own architecture- firm, Arkitektastofan OG.

His ideas about form and materials are closely related to his background and childhood in a small village in Iceland. His father has his own little carpentry and his playground was a wrecker’s yard with remains of ships and all kinds of materials. He had payed interest in the De Stijl movement and the Russian constructive movement, both exploring the essence of the structure. In his work he tends to work in two ways that is with expressive forms and geometrical forms.

It is not the purpose of this work to come up with a new style or movement, I simply try to express my own time and place.


Some of his recent work are Búðarhálsvirkjun and an extension to a school named Klettaskóli in Reykjavík.
He has collections in several museums like National Museum StockholmNational Museum of Armenia
or Islands Designmuseum Reykjavik.



Sigurður Gústafsson works with 4 concepts. Construction, Deconstruction, Consumption and Conception. Construction comes out of modernism (Bauhaus, De Stijl..) and has vertical or horizontal lines and basic and natural materials and colors.

I call this series sometimes my own visual hangover cure.

In Deconstruction is everything allowed. He often uses dance as a base, like for The Tango Chair or Twist Cabinet, and uses steel and wood.
Consumption is an interpretation of the modern consumer society in a positive way with recycled materials.
And Conception is the personal serie coming out of childhood memories like the school building,
that he gave the shape of a ship.


búðarháls-stöðvarhús - merking SUÐ9VB-A_07-03_yfirlitsmynd 5_3D

Images curtesy of  Sigurður Gústafsson