I went to check out Smash & Grab at a nice little gallery on Klapparstígur 33 called Spark Design Space. The designer, Linda Björg Árnadóttir premiered her second collection under the name Scintilla last thursday.

When I walked in through gallery door the first thing I saw was this big beautiful bed! I was so tired after all the openings I had been to and the lack of food consumed that I just wanted to take a long nap in it. The headboard looked amazing! It gets really crowded in that tiny gallery so it took a while to get around…a glass of sparkling wine and a macaroon later I saw this broken mirror on the floor and a broken chair next to it. I thought that maybe someone had a bit to much wine and had accidentally broken the installation…but this was all a part of the show.

The print on the duvet cover looked lovely aswell, they are for sale (limited edition) at the gallery.

These pillowcovers are also for sale and I really love them! The colors are so bright and pretty, i’m just such a sucker for all thing mustardy-lime-yellow these days.

Me and a friend got overly excited over Andrea Maack Eau De Parfum, my favorite was SHARP…smelled vanilla-ish but with an extra spicy kick to it. The cap was my favorite apart from the perfume itself, It seemed to be made out of stone. Im a big fan of natural materials, love it.

Thanks for the weekend, you can follow me here in the future.