Last DesignMarch, the graphic design duo Snæfríð & Hildigunnur sat down to the same table with Sebastian Wrong of at DesignMatch, our mini fair for designers, buyers and producers held in collaboration with the Nordic House of Iceland. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the outcome: This beautiful calendar is now part of the WRONG for HAY collection!

The perforated paper calendar offers a year at a glance, and allows for each day to be removed at a time. The calendar comes in white and pink, and will be available through WRONG for HAY, selected stores and all HAY Stores.

Haven’t heard about WRONG for HAY?

This new design venture is a collaboration between Danish design brand HAY and London-based designer Sebastian Wrong. First introduced at the 2013 London Design Festival with a collection of items ranging from lighting to ceramics, textiles, glassware and furniture,

WRONG for HAY is  based in London under the creative direction of Sebastian Wrong.

Since its first collection debuted in Cologne in 2003, HAY has built up a global manufacturing and distribution
network, including dedicated HAY stores in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

WRONG for HAY is both a satellite collection and standalone venture that builds upon these foundations.

HAY’s principle of good design at accessible prices will be central to WRONG for HAY, while the strength of the supply chain and established manufacturing partnerships will allow for innovation, offering an opportunity for young design talent.

It draws upon the city’s creative energy, eclecticism and talent to explore new working relationships, new products and new markets.

According to Mr. Wrong himself,

WRONG for HAY is an opportunity to push the boundaries in terms of curation. We can be experimental and sophisticated but also pragmatic. It’s a platform for new work that celebrates London’s design culture.

Congratulations, Snæfríð & Hildigunnur and The Wrong for Hay team – may your collaboration be a long and flourishing one!


Images courtesy of Wrong for Hay