DesignMarch 2012 is approaching! Our partner for the 2012 edition is Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura that also hosts the heavenly Sóley Natura Spa. Been there? Good! Havent? Go!


Sóley Natura Spa uses the Sóley Organics series.
Sóley products are made with handpicked wild icelandic herbs. The special blends are environmentally friendly and preservative free. The products embrace a family tradition that goes back 16 generations: harnessing the healing properties of herbs.
Guided by tradition and the therapeutic qualities of wild Icelandic herbs, Sóley Organics strives to deliver pure products inspired by nature.


And as if that wasn’t wonderful enough already, Sóley Natura Spa offers weekly floating meditations, too!


Flothetta or Float is an offspring from Iceland rich bathing culture and a new invention in health related products. Swimming is a part of daily life in Iceland and the healing properties of water is well known to relieve stress and improve well-being.



The futuristic, silvery Float hat-helmet adds a new dimension to the water experience, one of relaxation and total bliss.
We think that there is hardly a better way to start a DesignMarch day, and cannot wait to put on our Floats!
For the sessions timetable, log on to the Spa website. Enjoy!