Visiting Iceland and into design? Curious about Icelandic design? We cannot recommend this exhibition enough.

Something to Write Home About by The Museum of Design and Applied Arts (one of the few things NOT located within walking distance, which is a bummer, but trust us – this one is worth the bus fair) draws a portrait of an emerging profession – that of a product designer.

Following the many changes in the field of Icelandic design in the last decade, there has been a subsequent awakening to the value of design to communities, and to the importance of collaboration across disciplines and even cultures. The pieces in the show illuminate the ways in which product designers in Iceland have approached coming into a profession that in most other places is based upon a long tradition of product manufacturing and a history with the design industry.

The projects highlighted in this show are multidisciplinary, multifaceted as well as highly influential—not only in the development of the modern landscape of product design in Iceland, but perhaps also for the Icelandic community in general. First and foremost, the show revolves around the people themselves—focusing on the designers who have left their mark on the past decade, as well as on the voices of the next generation.

Curator Hlín Helga Gudlaugsdóttir says,


Something to Write Home About comprises a journey that is nowhere near its end. The story can be to us encouraging; for many, a cause for reflection; and to most, something worth chewing over.

The exhibition runs through October 14th, for more information and opening hours, visit the museum website.

Images Courtesy of Hönnunarsafn Íslands

Photographer Anna María Sigurjónsdóttir