From January 30th to April 10th 2015, Berlin can boast hosting yet another groundbreaking culture project. In collaboration with the Iceland Design Center, Reykjavik’s renowned design gallery SPARK I DESIGN SPACE and the Icelandic embassy proudly present „SPARK“, an exhibition showcasing cutting edge contemporary design from Iceland at the Berlin Felleshus.


SPARK|DESIGN SPACE borrows the venue for showing highly original projects of four lateral avant-garde design thinkers.
Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, a former Professor of Design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, decided to found SPARK|DESIGN SPACE in Reykjavik in the year 2010, in order to help true tastemakers of the Icelandic design scene finish their not yet completed projects. Once finished, their work was to be exhibited to pave the young talents’ way into the international market. Since 2010, SPARK | DESIGN SPACE has been that unique place, including exhibition space and a presentation platform with its own web shop. Artists whose inspiring projects have reached the prototype stage can finish their work and SPARK will promote their projects and make them accessible for a global audience of design and aesthetics lovers.



„With SPARK, we want to bring the major players from the Reykjavík and Berlin design scenes together, and hopefully initiate an inspiring dialogue and discourse “

, says H.E. Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson, ambassador of Iceland.

On display are the letter skeletons „Anatomy of Letters“, whom graphic designer Sigríður Rún has given a history and a personality. The idea for the 36-piece sequence was inspired by the artist’s observation that professional typography literature frequently uses anatomic terms.


In his project „Urban Shape”, Italian Architect Paolo Gianfrancesco re-maps all major European capitals using an open source program that allows users to download and edit maps. He designs city maps featuring landmarks that the respective users found significant enough to put them on the map.


A collection of everyday objects from Iceland by Brynjar Sigurðarson represents the minimalist charm of the remote Icelandic region Vopnafjörður (weapons’ fjord). The designer’s B.A. final project was inspired by life in that rural community of 695 souls. Now a resident of Berlin, Brynjar Sigurðarson presents pieces that continue with the same idea, this time with a collection of sticks, which inspired the work’s name „Prik“ – Icelandic for “stick”.


“Skvís” is a series of geometrical patterns in all colors of the rainbow, created by Siggi Eggertsson who calls himself a cyber punk. The pieces represent a gateway into the virtual world the 30-year old digital native has been deeply rooted in from early childhood. The images radiate spirituality and supernatural beauty. They’re an alluring invitation to beam out of the here and now. Siggi Eggertsson also lives and works in Berlin.




Partners and supporters of SPARK are: Minimum Einrichten Berlin, 12 Tónar, Promote Iceland and WOW Air.

Images by Kristján Czakó