Stockholm design week just passed. Being there was inspiring, interesting, fun and of course informative!

Greenhouse was my favorite and I want to share with you what interested me the most:

Bottom Middle: ULL by Beril Cicek, a young designer from Turkey. A collection of mobile cabinets, works as ones luggage, made of wool and wood.

Top Right: ASKUR by Inga Sól Ingibjargardóttir. Askur is a multifunctional furniture for your multifunctional room. Inga Sól is a student in VIA University College in Denmark.

Mid-row, left: SJOVERT by Michael Lindgaard Sörensen. This toy was my favorite, inspired by old Danish Design icons like Kay Bojensen’s “Monkey” and Gustavs Ehrenreich’s “Hoptimist”. Sjovert is a decorative object and a toy. It consist of seven elements and each element contains a magnet, which makes it possible to build many different shapes. Michael is, like Inga Sól, a student in VIA University College in Denmark.

Bottom Right: Manifold Clock. Telling time in 3D by Studio Ve from Israel

[Editor’s note: While Gudrun had beautifully arranged the photos and text, I managed to make a bit of a mess of it while uploading all the contents. So good luck – and do drop us a line if you notice a mistake here!]