This is my 3rd day at Stockholm Design week, and I have tried to cover all of the exhibitions and design shops there are to be found in the city. -A big task, so the days are very long. The Stockholm furniture and light fair is held in a huge complex in the outskirts of the city.

I was most excited to check out the ‘Greenhouse’, where some of the Scandinavian design schools and freelance designers were exhibiting. Lets see some photos;

Sandblasted wood stools from Beckmans college of design.

Everyday tools from students at the Aalto University.

Copper furnitures: the left one is a copper side table from Niklas Kull a student at Konstfack. The right one is by Anna Postlind a student at Lund school of architecture.

Interesting chairs by students from the Lund school of architecture. The one on the right makes soap bubbles when turned ‘on’.

Interesting take on the icelandic wool sweater? ULL designed by Beril Cicek. / By Mars designes furnitures with character. Drawers with moustache and a hat!

Beautiful lamps! Enlightened by Mattias Stenberg. / Light tray  by Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken.

Checking out this kitchenchair that can be folded out into two seats when needed. By design student Henke Westling.

Hangking lights made out of plaster, for sure does not look like it. / Wall lights from Lighthouse.