Stöðin is the service station of choice for the design enthusiasts travelling in Iceland.

Designed by the Icelandic-Danish architecture practise KRADS for Shell Iceland, The curved concrete façade of Stöðin hides behind itself a gas station, restaurant, drive-through and a shop.

The design is inspired by American diners. According to KRADS,

Icelandic culture is in many ways shaped by American influences due to the 65-year long presence of an American army base in the country.

Stöðin addresses this cultural relationship by incorporating architectural elements from the American diner that contrast the traditional Icelandic building method of in situ cast concrete.

The exposed concrete of the exterior bestows the diner with a permanence unknown by its American counterparts creating a friction between its streamlined aesthetics and the rustic materiality’s gravity. An elongated bar-desk transforms into seating arrangements and characterizes the semicircular restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the scenic fjord Borgarfjörður.

The interior design is in collaboration with Aok-design, while Ferill and Mannvit collaborated on engineering.

You will find Stöðin in Borgarnes, which is about an hour towards North from Reykjavik along the road number 1.

Photos Courtesy of KRADS
Photographer Kristinn Magnússon