Varða is a resting place for travellers who have undertaken a hike across Iceland, located in Reykjanes.


The design process was focused on the spiritual and physical journey of an individual going through such a long and demanding hike.  Step by step he finds the next cairn of his path and defeats obstacles while the journey forms a series of experiences that unlock new ways of thinking.

The building provides a suitable venue for the travellers to self-reflect. Here they can rest, document and share their experiences. They can go through what they have achieved, part with their fellow travellers and the moments they have shared.


The shape of the building is derived from the idea that the traveller´s journey takes a physical shape in a walking path that gradually winds up and frames the building´s functions.

The walking path is a strip that evolves into a wall and finally a roof, leading the individual through a series of spaces that can be viewed as tiny landmarks. In this sense the building reflects the series of experiences and personal victories one has achieved.

The program unites the hikers and visitors who wish to catch a glimpse into their world. On the east of the strip you find general services and a venue for communications between groups, including an exhibition room.

On the west side there are spaces exclusive to hikers to dwell in and share all their grains of experience. The end of the building connects to an outdoor space with a beautiful view that reminds the individual that he or she is a part of a much larger context and path.




Images Courtesy of Arnheiður Ófeigsdóttir