0.01% is an artistic book about trees and timber by graphic designer Einar Guðmundsson.
The book includes basic information on trees, an article about the tree of life as well as details on ten tree types.

What were the inspiration for 0.01%?

During the process of making the book I was mainly inspired by two designers, Andy Gilmore who works a lot with geometry and symmetry and Ariele Alasko who calls herself a builder, I would describe her more as a furniture designer or a product designer. She works a lot with old wood and timber.
I grew up surrounded with woodwork, timber, and carpentry workshops.

Why did you choose to work with wood and trees?

Trees have fascinated me since childhood. I always found them beautiful and I enjoy spending time surrounded by them in forests and parks. I like how a tree can be a simple sign of nature, but on deeper levels offer a tale on time and growth, or the relationship between nature and men. I would love to see more trees planted and cared for, especially in urban areas in Iceland.

I only realized I was interested in trees a few years ago, but I still did not know much about them. It wasn’t only the shape of the tree, or how it can contribute to a landscape or an urban environment. I liked the wood itself, what it can be used for and the variety of wood types. My dad is a carpenter, as well as my grandfather. Since an early age I have been surrounded with woodwork, timber, and carpentry workshops, which I am sure have influenced my interest and curiosity.

I wanted to take my curiosity further and explore the origins of the woodwork that we live with everyday. I was interested in understanding where something like my hardwood floor came from. What did it look like originally, as a tree?

What do you plan to do next?

Summer is around the corner and I am leaving on a three months journey to three continents, ending with an internship for another three months in New York. I guess three is the magic number.

What is your dream job?

I would love to be an independent designer and I want to work in both artistic and commercial fields.

For the entire book in Issuu, see here and more by Einar Guðmundsson, see here.