Pilgrimage at Reykjanes is the final project by architecture BA graduate Pylyp Fomyn.
A place of departure or arrival for people that would undertake a forty-day walk from Reykjanes to the north of the country, it features guest rooms for the pilgrims, dining area and offices for the staff.


Craters, geothermal spots, sea/lake, earth cracks and a lava landscape -the project has a close connection to this dramatic setting in Reykjanes peninsula. Fomyn selected water, from the splashing seas to the calming close-by lake as his focus point.

Culturally the site has also to offer a lot. The Reykjanés lighthouse, the Halfviti lighthouse and old ruins are all very relevant elements. The 77 m high sheer rock island Eldey 15 km away from the peninsula, the close by rock Karl are also very persisting structures. The strongest objects are Reykjanesviti, Karl, Eldey and Halfviti. They are all part of the special place, which Reykjanes is and therefore became imprinted in my own memory as strong images.


Preparation, Experience, Encounter, Solitude and Spiritual enrichment are all part of the pilgrimage.

The goal of the project is to create a place, where a person would be introduced to situations, which could be encountered on a pilgrimage across the country. A mental and physical challenge leading to self-identification in the world we live in. The visitor would participate in this great mental task.

In the way the building is approached, the visitor is put on a micro scale pilgrimage. In order to be touched emotionally by creating a series of little indoor spaces inter connected by an outdoor path.

Those spaces would create an architectural dialog with site-specific elements and at the same time enhance the character of this unique spirit of nature. Nature is the opposite of building and by building nature is often conquered. The project is rather adjusting to nature and tries to enhance its potential and beauty.


The project consists of two parts.

The first one is a series of indoor and outdoor spaces interconnected by a path. This was an opportunity to create spaces in relation to the landscape at Reykjanes, seeking for a connection of site-specific elements and at the same time enhance the character of the unique spirit of nature, it´s potential and beauty. Each space has a particular character and atmosphere and seeks to stimulate different mental emotions. This way the visitor is put on micro travel of the senses. Through this kind of participation the visitor is challenged mentally and physically.

The main part of the program is situated in the pond. There the project is seeking for a unique architectural dialog, with an existing volcano rocks wall. This structure becomes part of the architecture.



Images Courtesy of Pylyp Fomyn