SPARK the electric race car is a cooperation project of The Iceland academy of the Arts and University of Iceland.

The students of the Iceland Academy of the Arts designed the car’s dashboard, seat and body along with the logo, homepage and the team’s whole image.


The body is hand made from Basalt fibers, which have hardly been used in Iceland. Did you know that 90% of  Iceland is  made from basalt? The electric eel was the biggest inspiration, both in terms of  shape and colors. They both travel quietly and with great power.

The car will reach the speed of 70-100 km per hour. In July, it will compete in the international competition Formula Student at Silverstone in Britain.

What were the inspirations for your work?

We sought inspiration in a fish called the Electric eel, which is a rather ugly creature, but with some nice details when you take a better look.


What is the importance of collaboration and “people skills” in the profession of a product designer?

We gave each other critiques through out the whole project, and before we took any final decisions we always had to agree on it.


It´s really nice, and important to have someone (someone who really cares, and is interested) to give you feedback on what you have been doing, and giving all you´ve got to.


And when you´re so much into something you sometimes miss or oversee tiny things that need or could be changed or modified to the better.


What are the next steps in your project?

This is a project in collaboration with 24 engineering student from University of Iceland. Next, they will take over the frame, dashboard, shell and the seat, to fit the drive train, the suspension, the electrical system and all the other things that needs to be done so the car will be able to drive before July 13th when it participates in the international competition Formula Student, in Silverstone, Britain.


What is the most important things you learned while studying in LHI?

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.


What is good product design in your opinion?

A good product design is when every single detail is well thought out, and if the story and the inspiration behind the project are good, it will make them even better.


For more information on the project, log on to the SPARK website.

SPARK is on display at the Iceland Academy of the Arts graduation exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhús until May 6th.