7factory consists of the Reykjavik-based Italian designer Anna Giudice and Valeria Morando, who is based in Savona, Italy. They share their Icelandic studio with Fabio del Percio, founder of HVER Design, with whom they recently collaborated for “Sounds of Iceland“, wool fabrics with decorative patterns of sound graphs produced by sounds originally recorded in different places around Iceland. “Sounds of Iceland” was introduced during DesignMarch 2013.

Our wonderful intern Florian Lohse recently visited the 7factory studio for a short interview.

What is your background? How did you start working together?

Valeria: Anna and I know each other since we were children. We have always had a passion for visual art. After some individual work experience, we thought it would be great to combine our creativity by working on projects together.

Anna: Fabio started collaborating with us in 2010. Our first collaborative project was “HEY”, a pouf filled with hey, which was exhibited at Milano Design Week in 2011.  We continued the Hey-collection under the label “HVER”, from which Fabio is the founder.

How do you think being partly based in Iceland influences your work?

Fabio: I am a furniture designer originally, mainly working with textiles and upholstery, especially for yacht interiors, but also boat coverings and sun protections. HEY is one of the outcomes of our early travels to Iceland,where we got in contact with the local materials that are commonly available. These days, I am also using a lot of wool, which is not so common in Italy. However, they use it for furniture covers in some places in South Tyrol and the Aosta Valley.

Anna: The light here is completely different! Colors seem much cleaner and in a way more vivid. For me as a graphic designer, this has a very big influence. I also got more involved in the nordic way of design, which sometimes differs a lot from the way things are done in Italy. I really like to let both spheres, northern and southern Europe, influence my works.

Valeria: Seen from a distance, for me it seems like icelandic artists and designers are constantly influencing each other, mixing disciplines and skills. In Italy,  the attitude is almost the opposite at the moment.

What is your favourite project at the moment?

Anna: Of course we like all our projects, but the one lying at our hearts the most at the moment is  “Sound of Iceland” .We recorded original sounds of a windy harbor at Snaefellsness peninsula. Than we managed to reproduce the wave-graph of these sounds as graphical pattern on a hand-weaved fabric of Icelandic wool. And there is a QR-code on the label of the fabrics, making it possible to listen to the sounds online.

Fabio: We would like to continue this project on a larger scale, that’s why we are searching for an icelandic partner in production! We would also like to record more sounds, from other places in Iceland.

What is your favorite object in the studio?

Anna: The fish on my computer!

Fabio:  The “Tree”! [a piece of jetsam, placed in the center of the studio]  We found it at the beach of Eyrarbakki at the south coast. It had run ashore there, maybe from Norway. To get it into the studio was quite a task, we had to place it on the top of our van.

What do you miss most from Italy?

Fabio: Hmmm…

Anna: Valeria!

Fabio: Yes, Valeria! And the rest of our friends of course.

Anna: And my dogs! It’s so hard to get them over here.

How do you like your coffee?

Anna: With cold milk.

Fabio: Black.

Valeria: I just drink Orzo coffee [italian coffeine-free alternative to coffee, made out of barley]!


 Text and images by Florian Lohse