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Sequences VI Identity by Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson

The visual Idenitity of the currently running Sequences VI Festival was designed by Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson. Here are some words by Arnar on his work for Sequences and his work in general: The brief was making a visual identity for Sequences VI real time art festival which is a biannual festival… Read more

DesignTalks 2013 | Rán Flygenring’s live illustrations

  Are you ready for a real treat? Rán Flygenring live illustrated our DesignTalks, a day of lectures by internationally acclaimed speakers that takes place on the first day of DesignMarch. The images have been all over Twitter and Instagram so far. Here below is the entire series. A big… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Reykjavik Letterpress

The lovely team over at Reykjavik Letterpress opens doors to their studio during DesignMarch. A rare chance to get up, close and personal with their press and the ladies operating it, of course. While waiting for it, take a look at this fantastic ACD*E awarded work by them. A bit of… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Siggi Eggertsson

The Iceland Mail Office launches a new series of stamps during DesignMarch. Drawn up by Iceland’s foremost graphic designers, one of the stamps is by Siggi Eggertsson. While the weather outside is so snowy the mural is barely visible right now, take a look at these images and the video… Read more

SOS Children’s Village in Harare, Zimbabwe by Rán Flygenring

Illustrator Rán Flygenring visited a SOS Children’s Village in Zimbabwe in October 2012. There are three SOS Children’s Villages in the country. Flygenring visited the one localted in the southern part of the capital Harare. During her visit, she toured the village facilities, met mothers, children and staff and taught a couple… Read more

Shoe in the Window | Calendar by Snaefrið and Hildigunnur

  Tonight, it is Giljagaur, Gully Gawk that will arrive to town. Hiding in the gullies, it waits for an opportunity to steal milk. The Icelandic design gift by SPARK design space is the beautiful 2013 calendar by Snaefrið Thorsteins and Hildigunnur Gunnarsdóttir. Did you see Text Page that they introduced during DesignMarch… Read more

Discover The Body by Halla Sigga

The book Discover the body by Halla Sigga is a three dimensional, 3D-printed textbook about the body for blind and visually impaired children aged 6 to 8. The book is divided up into layers of the body: the first is the skin, next the muscle, bone and inner organs. In… Read more

Gísli B. Retrospective at the Museum of Design and Applied Arts

The Museum of Design and Applied Art recently opened an extensive retrospective of works by graphic designer, professor Gísli B. If you are interested in Icelandic design, this is a must see! Upon his return from his studies Germany in 1961, he founded first an advertising agency and then a… Read more

Friday Candy ❘ ADC*E Grand Prix winner “The Bear”

The 21st Grand Prix went to BETC for “The Bear”, a TV commercial created for CANAL+ and we thought what better a post during the Reykjavik International Film Festival than the ad featuring a speaking bear skin rug explaining what it takes to become a great Hollywood director. It was… Read more

The making of the mural by Siggi Eggertsson

Siggi Eggertsson recently designed a mural for our very own office here at the Iceland Design Centre, have you already seen it? Take a look at this beautiful video by Arnaldur Bjarnason and Einar Karl Gunnarsson on the making of it.