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ADC*E Silver Nomination ❘ Reykjavik Letterpress

One more ADC*E nominated, super-talented team, hooray! Reykjavik Letterpress received the ADC*E Silver Nomination for their lovely A bit of a Mix, a promotional kit that combines information on letterpress printing and small cards people can tear out and use for themselves, such as greeting cards and To-do lists. Congratulations!… Read more

ADC*E Silver Nomination ❘ Filmund Reel for RIFF

Reykjavik Design Laboratory recently received their first ADC*E Nomination for their work Filmund Reel for RIFF, Reykjavik International Film Festival 2011. Created for the Reykjavik international Film Festival in 2011, Filmund Reel is the festival’s fan nr. 1. He lives and breathes films, to the extent that his very body… Read more

And the ADC*E Gold Award goes to… Siggi Eggertsson!

Fantastic news! Siggi Eggertsson is the first Icelandic designer to win the Art Directors Club Europe Gold Award.   In addition, Reykjavik Letterpress was nominated for the graphic design of Bland í búnti, a promotional kit that is a mix of information about letterpress printing as well as small cards… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Klara Arnalds

Klara Arnalds is one of the BA-Graphic Design graduates 2012 of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. The Loft Hostel project is a branding project for a new hostel in Reykjavík. The hostel’s target group consists of young travellers who travel alone or with friends, who take an active interest… Read more

The Iceland Design Centre Mural by Siggi Eggertsson

Now here is something we are really proud of: Siggi Eggertsson has designed his first full-wall mural for our office here at the Iceland Design Centre. In place of a traditional sign post, we wanted to add something interesting to the Reykjavik cityscape – known for its beautiful urban art –… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Sigríður Rún

Anatomy of Letters is a book for imagination enthusiasts by graphic design graduate Sigríður Rún. The book describes five ancient letters that were used in Iceland in the years 1200 – 1900 and two other old letters that are almost solely used in the Icelandic language. The five ancient letters… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Veronika Gorbačova

Wired Up vol I is the first book about Icelandic electronic musicians by graphid design graduate Veronika Gorbačova.  Based on interviews with 10 artists from two record labels, Möller Records and Muhaha Records, the book showcases the techniques and the background of the musicians. The Icelandic electronic music scene has… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Stella Björg Björgvinsdóttir

Ugluholt (Owl Hill) is an illustrated typeface project built on the life at Ugluholt by graphic design graduate Stella Björg Björgvinsdóttir. In the letters you can find the animals and plants that live at Ugluholt. Representing the letter A is auðnutittlingur (common redpoll), býflugur and bláber (bees and blueberries) decorate… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Jóhann Geir Úlfarsson

Plus Minus Century by graphic design graduate Jóhann Geir Úlfarsson is a map of volcanic activity in Iceland. Iceland is a young island, still in the making, so it is only a matter of time when the next eruption will occur, in fact the island sees an eruption every five… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Einar Guðmundsson

0.01% is an artistic book about trees and timber by graphic designer Einar Guðmundsson. The book includes basic information on trees, an article about the tree of life as well as details on ten tree types. What were the inspiration for 0.01%? During the process of making the book I… Read more