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The Graduates 2012 ❘ Gudrun Hardardóttir

Skjól is an outdoor seat and wind break located at Ægissíðan in 107 Reykjavík. The seat lies flat on the ground when not in use, blending in with its environment. When needed, it can be pulled up creating a seat that will give shelter from the North winds. The idea is… Read more

Student Series ❘ SPARK by Dröfn Sæmundsdóttir, Kolbeinn Ísólfsson and Egill Rúnar Viðarsson

SPARK the electric race car is a cooperation project of The Iceland academy of the Arts and University of Iceland. The students of the Iceland Academy of the Arts designed the car’s dashboard, seat and body along with the logo, homepage and the team’s whole image.           … Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Elsa Ýr Bernhardsdóttir

Flags is a series of ten wood flags that reflect a personal view into the colors of Reykjavik and its many shades. Háleiti og bustadir, Háleitisbraut From the ten districts of Reykjavík city, ten streets were chosen, one from each district. Pictures were taken of the front doors and walls… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Svana Lovísa Kristjánsdóttir

Metamorphosis are geometrical objects for the home.     The collection consists of five objects made of The Mallard, The Great Cormorant and The red-breasted Merganser. Methamorphosis is a new take on taxidermy and uses only material previously discarded by icelandic hunters, but by tanning the birds skin it becomes… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Guðrún Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir

Flétta is a multifunctional table that can be easily transformed depending on space and needs. The table can easily be changed from dividing a workbench and a table nook to a large dining table. Nowadays tables are often used for more than just to sit down and eat at. Flétta… Read more

The Graduates 2011 2/2

Here we go! The rest of the picks from the Iceland Academy of the Arts graduation exhibition await! First stop is graphic design. My favorite project was by graphic designer Haukur Pálsson. Called Forsetar/Presidents, it’s a series of portraits of the Icelandic presidents made into huge heroic flags. Haukur’s opinion is… Read more