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DesignMarch 2012 ❘ Incandescent Light Bulb Memorial Project by Kristján Kristjánsson of Lighthouse

For DesignMarch 2012, Lighthouse set up a light installation Incandescent Light Bulb Memorial Project at Toppstödin. As part of the annual Icelandic Design Festival, DesignMarch 2012, I wanted to honor the recently banned incandescent light bulb. This technology has been one of sciences and designs greatest creations, and I am remembering… Read more

Chuck Mack I Principles of Design

1. Be original (no stealing, skimming or spinning) 2. Give it purpose 3. Make it work for it’s purpose 4. Make it last (recycling should be possible) 5. Make it look good. Image Courtesy of Chuck Mack

DesignMarch 2012 Sneak Peek I Studio Sigga Heimis

Almost DesignMarch! While waiting, here are a few snapshots from Sigga Heimis‘ new studio. Do you guess what this space used to be? Hint: It is located by the harbour and used to smell of fish. Head this way for an opening on Thursday 22.3. 17-19. See you there! Images… Read more

Emilia Borgthor at NeonCon 2011

Emilia Borgthor’s sofa table Sebastopol (Coalesse) was awarded the Golden Award in its category at this year’s NeoCon 2011. Sebastopol’s shape breaks rank from the traditional sofa table size. Multi-purpose, functional and just plain fun, Sebastopol can be used alone or as a group, as a sofa table, side desk… Read more