The first ever Icelandic Design Award ceremony was held yesterday in the Chrystal Hall of the National Theatre of Iceland. And the award goes to – drum roll – Designs from Nowhere! To celebrate, we hereby repost our write-up on the project from earlier this year. Enjoy, and congratulations to the Designs from Nowhere team!

Here are Hulda Sif‘s images from the opening at Spark Design Space from DesignMarch 2014.

Designs from Nowhere is by Julia Lohmann, Max Lamb, Thorunn Arnadottir and Gero Grundmann, who were invited to East Iceland to work with local materials and resources. The results offer a bold mix of traditional and new design processes, exploring the potential for small-scale production in the region. The materials used include bone, fishing nets, rock, wood and seaweed. The project is curated by Karna Sigurðardóttir and Pete Collard from the Design Museum, London.




DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_01 DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_02 DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_03 DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_04 DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_05 DesignsFromNowhere_HuldaSif_06


Photos by Hulda Sif