What a great DesignMarch. Here at Glamour HQ we had a rockin’ good time.
Thank you to everyone who was so gracious to us while we documented. Stay tuned for the final cut!
We managed to get to 5O out of the 8Oish events in the HönnurarMars program, and we wanted to share the events that made the biggest impression on us.

So begins the Glamourous Awards 2O11

Brightest Hope (Bjartasta Vonin) – ATTIKATTI

Best Happy Surprise – Rain Dear

Most Integrity – The Scarf Factory

Best Interactive Installation – KRADS Playtime

Brightest Star – Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter

Most Tasteful – Skyr Confectionary

Best Graphic Design – LetterPress

Biggest Disappointment – The way most of the fashion was presented/showcased.

Best Music – All live music, which augmented every event which featured live acts.

Best Atmosphere – 4 way tie between ATTIKATTI, The Scarf Factory, KRADS, and LetterPress.

Finally, Congratulations Iceland, Iceland Design Centre, and everyone behind the scenes that made DesignMarch possible, what a victory. See you next year!

Sahra, Karna and Victor