Product designer Elín Bríta is a 2013 graduate of the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Her final project Verndarbaugur constitutes a personal interpretation of the concept “amulet”.

From early childhood I have been compelled to collect and believe in diminutive things: a small pebble, a clay object or a piece of string that was once a bracelet. These objects remind me of a certain period or moment that influenced me in some way. I have never been able to let go of them and probably never will.

Small objects made from natural materials, with different textures and properties have followed me from a young age and served as a kind of amulet. The pebbles I used for this purpose as a child, developed into jewelry around my teenage years. With the the sense of touch, these objects have helped me keep calm in stressful situations.

Verndarbaugur is made from silver, cod leather, aluminium, stone and wood; all the materials are natural and have a significant lifespan. It holds variable compositions of materials that embody different properties.

The circle stands for evolution, unity and eternal circulation. Silver reflects negativity, brings security and protection against evil a swell as enhancing the properties of materials in it’s presence.

Human hair symbolizes the trust and the memory of the hairs owner.

Gabbro strengthens connection to the higher self and increases energy. Aluminium is symbolic for new beginnings and evolution as well as giving supernatural protection.

Birch is a sacred tree in the nordic region, it stands for youth, new beginnings and is emotionally calming. Gabbro is a very tough stone which stands for power, strength and balance.

Basalt is the stone of courage and strength, it gives stability and calm and enhances the creative spirit. Rhyolite holds youthful powers, aids emotional healing and increases concentration.

Images Courtesy of the designer


This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.