Graphic designer Finnbogi Þór Erlendsson is a 2013 gratuate of the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

His final project the book Sjónskynjun examines visual perception.



According to the designer,

In the book the visual process of the human brain is explored. It examines the biological and cognitive nature and behavior of the visual system.

The limits of visual perception are examined through visual illusions, which have an interesting ability to show us how the mind and body interpret visual information.

Mental visual processes are a vast and complex topic. This book aims to give the viewer an introduction into the subject of how we see and why we see in the way we do, through an illustrative storytelling.


The project was exhibited at Reykjavik Art Museum in the LHÍ Student Show 2013.


Images Courtesy of the designer


This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.