Product designer Guðný Pálsdóttir is a 2013 graduate of the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project Uppbrot is a form study that is based on the idea of two realities – the virtual reality of video games and the reality outside the games.

According to the designer,

The world of video games has always sparked my interest and for me, dwelling in that world is equally as exciting as in the real world. Video games invite you to experience an environment devoid of the limits of our reality. Right now we inhabit two realities, the virtual reality of the computer and the reality outside of it.

The video game environment is at its core made out of basic forms called polygons. The smallest and simplest form is the triangle which is a contradiction to the basic forms we are used to in our environment, the squares, circles and organic forms.

Our environment is mostly made up of squares and that is clearly visible in the buildings, furniture and other objects around us. By situating Uppbrot in this square environment I am breaking the rules that seem to dominate our visual world. The form contradicts the space it inhabits and thus provokes what we are so accustomed to.


Uppbrot is an ode to those two realities. The basic form of the virtual reality, the triangle, is placed in our real world in a three dimensional shape to break up the square environment we are so used to and to place the triangle equal to the other basic forms.

Uppbrot is a metaphor for myself. I am the connection between these two realities and by tying Uppbrot together I have situated myself between the computer and the manmade environment.

The project was exhibited at Reykjavik Art Museum in the LHÍ Final exhibition 2013.


Images by Guðný Pálsdóttir and Steinrún Ótta Stefánsdóttir



This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.