Graphic designer Sighvatur Halldórsson is a 2013 graduate of the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

His Graduate project, the Rawwar poster series, reflects his interest in the second World War and is his attempt to tell the story visually with one of the most popular medium of that era, the poster.



‘Do you really know the true definition of the word holocaust?’ one of my advisors asked me. The Holocaust is probably the best known event of the second World War. A delicate topic and well known for obvious reasons.

The origin of the word holocaust is from the Greek word holokauston where holos translates to whole and kaustos translates to burned, or total consumption by fire. The fact that I didn’t know this engaged me to research the devastation caused by fire during the Second World War and make a visual representation of selected events. I decided to focus on cities as the attacks on them involved innocent men, women and children indirectly involved in the war, just as the innocent people killed in the Holocaust. In this project I focus on the origin of the word holocaust and expand the definition without undermining the Holocaust.



‘To know the horrors of war is to want peace’


The quote above was originally printed on trading cards, War cards, which came with Blony bubble gum by Gum, inc., produced before the Second World War. The intent was to ‘teach peace by exposing the horrors of war.’

Silhouettes of manmade weapons illustrate the human factor of the attacks and the triangle, which is an alchemic symbol for fire and a warning sign, ties the series together as a whole.

The Rawwar series reflects a moment in the war and is my homage to these horrible events and a reminder to those who may not know about these less exposed events.


The project was exhibited at Reykjavik Art Museum in the LHÍ Student Show 2013.

Images  Courtesy of Sighvatur Halldórsson



This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.