Jón Páll Halldórsson  is a recent BA graduate in Visual Communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His project Up to no Good is a collective of ten artists that specialize in designing and producing limited edition hand printed goods.


According to the designer,

We do not focus on the individual identities of the artists due to their history in the illegal graffiti scene; rather the attention is brought to the group as a mutual whole. Their character—as the name suggests—provokes the laws of our society, often in an ironic way.

IMG_3917 IMG_3920 IMG_3961

A new collection will be launched every year, where the artists decide upon a platform for their illustrations. This years collection, titled The Gym Junkies vs. The Hood Rats is due this summer and is based on an underlying rivalry between the artists which comes from their different lifestyles.

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This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. See all our posts on the student works  here.


 Images by Jón Páll Halldórsson