Krista Sigríður Hall is a BA graduate in visual communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Dekstruma Kerno,  a utopian world of symbolic islands made from semiology, alchemy, magical herbs and amulets. Each island functions as a reminder of different positive values in our daily lives.




For the graduation exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum, each island was digitally printed on bamboo silk satin.
Out of each island was born a 3d printed protective amulet. With each flag came a small information booklet with the island’s meaning and explanation of the symbols to be found inside each island.

closeupred small

closeupblue small



The symbols that Hall uses includes the philosopher’s stone, the most sought-after goal in alchemy that turns negative into positive; a black cat’s bone, a magic amulet that holds a variety of positive effects and lucky charms such as rabbit’s foot.


This is our second edition of our yearly round-up of final projects by brand new designers graduating from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Images courtesy of the designer