Ástros Traustadottir is a recent graduate in visual communication from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Her final project was the typeface Seaside. Seaside is a sans serif typeface based on a few carefully chosen shapes from the sea shells.






It is inspired by the seashells that can be found in Blikastaðakró shore in Grafarvogur, greater Reykjavik area, where Traustadottir used to collect seashells as a child.



Sea shells are one of the most noted objects in nature that follow the golden ratio. But there are many other beautiful shapes to be found in them, some even resembling letters,

Traustadóttir points out.



This is our third annual round-up of the final project by graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, showcasing the brand new Icelandic design talent. For all previous posts in The Graduates category, see here.


Images courtesy of the designer