Andres Pelaez recently graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts with a BA degree in fashion. His final collection is a fresh and modern interpretation of classic elegance that translates the active sophistication of a strong and dynamic woman in today‘s society.


The silhouette of the garments follows an architectural order that creates an intersection of crisp and smooth textiles and classic textures that convey the vision of the designer.


The collection is ignited by the tailoring of grand European couture masters of the 1950s and the precision of pattern-making. Contrasting lengths and layered geometric fragments modernize the appearance of the collection by creating a visual complement to the human figure.


The result is a light and delicate collection that contains within itself an invisible nostalgic dialogue between the traditions of the past and the arrival of a sharp modernity.



This is our third annual round-up of the final project by graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, showcasing the brand new Icelandic design talent. For all previous posts in The Graduates category, see here.


Images by Birta Rán Björgvinsdóttir