Corto Jabali is a recent product design BA graduate from theIceland Academy of the Arts. His final project is Gazabrick, an attempt to work around present embargos on importing building materials into Gaza by experimenting with a building material that can be produced locally.

Björk gunnbjörnsdottir
A 3rd generation Palestinian, Jabali may be disassociated with the problems that present Palestinians face on a daily basis, but through his project, he attempted to solve some of the humanitarian issues by using my skills as a designer.

In the summer of 2014, thousands of homes were destroyed when Israel attacked the Gaza strip. Many Gazans were left homeless or living in ruins.


Through my research I discovered a material called geopolymer cement, which can be produced with readily available materials: natron salt, wood ash and kaolin.




These materials are either accessible in Gaza or have not been banned by Israel ́s embargo, making it possible to source or import what is necessary to produce the brick in Gaza.




This is our third annual round-up of the final project by graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, showcasing the brand new Icelandic design talent. For all previous posts in The Graduates category, see here.

Images Courtesy of the designer & Björk Gunnbjörnsdóttir